The Handy Apple story began in Long Island, NY about four years ago. It all started when my little brother, Nicholas, wanted to eat an apple. As soon as he took a bite of the apple the fruit’s juices ran all down his hands and arms. He was not a fan of this. Quickly finding a solution my mom went into our kitchen and found corn holders.

Initially, the corn holders did the trick, but we didn’t think that it was a good idea to give a 5 year old something so sharp. Nonetheless, the handles really weren’t big enough for my brother to hold them comfortably. My mom, being as handy as she is, went into her shop. Yes, she has a shop lol. Using a wooden knob and a plastic molly, she simply just created a solution to Nicholas’s problem. Today, we call that solution, Handy Apple.

It’s been four years that my mother and I have been working on this project. We thought that it would be too difficult to bring to the market. Turns out, we were wrong.

After doing some market research, we found out that Handy Apple is not only for children. We have had so many different people come up to us and tell us how wonderful our product is. At a fair that we went to in Vermont, one older couple came up to our table and told us how Handy Apple would be terrific for anyone with arthritis. Another lady, who turned out to be a special education teacher, told us how Handy Apple would be great for anyone with sensory issues. Then, another customer explained that Handy Apple would be excellent for her friend who had a stroke and doesn’t have much use of her hands.

Not only is this product something that is simple, easy, and fun to use. It is a product that brought my family closer together and showed us that anything is possible.

Here’s to a new spin on eating a healthy snack!